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Bentley Blob is a remake of Fast Food for the Atari 2600, which also borrows some elements from Pressure Cooker. Basically, you play as a blob named Bentley who has to sort each of the four foods into their respective boxes.

Spaghetti = Main, Potato = Veg, Chips = Snacks, and Ice Cream = Sweets

However, Bentley's job is gonna be harder than he thought, as food is literally flying all over the place. There's also candy corn, which nobody likes besides Bentley. So, you have to eat it before it reaches one of the boxes. If it does reach a box, then the box is closed. If all four boxes close, then the game is over.


Arrow keys = Movement

Z = Eat

EDIT: I had to reupload the game because the score wouldn't reset once you reset the game. It should work fine now.


Bentley Blob.exe 15 MB

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